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COVID19 Upcoming Travel FAQ

COVID-19 and Upcoming Travel FAQ
Winter GO Short 2020, Winter GO Your Way 2020, and Spring GO Long 2021

When will GO make a decision about postponing a program?
The timing of decisions will be based on a balance of global health news, public health and safety advisories, travel restrictions, visa application dates (when applicable), and program deadlines (when applicable), as well as feedback from on-site contacts. Once a decision has been made to postpone a program, GO will promptly notify students with details about alternative options. GO does not approve travel/reserves the right to rescind approval for a program in a region with a level 3 or 4 U.S. State Department Travel advisory.

Winter GO Short/GO Your Way 2020: 
As of 9/28/2020, Winter GO Short programs were canceled and Winter GO Your Way approval was rescinded. Students enrolled in these programs received information directly from GO about their options.

“GO Short” programs are study-away options offered during winter and summer breaks in which students attend programs that are directly managed and administered by the GO office. “GO Your Way” programs are options during winter and summer break. Students typically attend study abroad programs through providers.

Spring GO Long 2021: 
We, along with the study abroad field, are hopeful that programs will be able to run during the spring semester. Students on semester-long programs are afforded leniency from entry restrictions since they will be studying at a university. We will be monitoring each country and travel recommendations closely in the coming months in hopes that we will be able to travel.

Decision timelines will vary based on the program.

Decisions to postpone or cancel programs are made by each program provider; therefore, the timing may vary. If a program is cancelled by the provider, GO will work with students to help them find alternatives. For SWSB London, GO office makes postponement and cancellation decisions for this program.

“GO Long” programs are options during the semester in which students attend programs not directly managed or administered by the GO office.

What information do you have about US passport processing?
The US State Department is resuming operations for passport processing, but due to the shut down in operations earlier in the year, they are experiencing significant delays. Passports are likely to take over 12 weeks to process. Additional information can be found on:
I am a Winter GO Short/GO Your Way 2020 student, what happens since my program is canceled?
We are working with students about alternatives, prioritizing graduation dates. The university has guaranteed to work with students to meet the cross-cultural requirement for graduation. Students have received information about their options on 9/28/2020.
  • May 2021 graduates will complete their cross-cultural requirement through a virtual program or defer to a later graduation date.
  • 2022 graduates and later will have the option to complete a GO program at a later date, as they still have time to meet the requirement before graduation.
I am a Spring 2021 GO Long student, what does the winter cancelation mean for me?
Nothing. Unlike a GO Short and GO Your Way program, which are about 2 weeks in length, GO Long students are in the host country for enough time to go through the required quarantine measures and then complete their semester program. GO Long students should be watching their e-mails about any updates regarding their specific program and be researching the situation in their host country to familiarize themselves with what may be required of them to enter the country. Note: some GO Long program providers/universities have already made an independent decision to cancel their program for Spring 2021.

I am a Spring 2021 GO Long student, when does my preparations course start?
GO will enroll you in a preparations course, which will start no sooner than the second-7 weeks of the semester. We will be in contact with you about when the course will start. If you are a student who previously passed the OFFP: Preparations for GO Long course, you do not need to take the course again, but will need to complete all other mandatory preparation processes.

I am a Spring 2021 GO Long student, when should I book my airfare? 
We recommend waiting to make airfare arrangements.

Each airline has their own policy regarding refunds and cancellation waivers due to the coronavirus. While airlines that have cancelled flights directly into areas with coronavirus outbreaks will provide refunds, many airlines are offering to waive change and/or cancellation fees for flights booked in the next few weeks to provide you with protection and flexibility with upcoming travel plans. All of these airline-specific policies apply to tickets booked directly with an airline and through travel agencies.

I am a Spring GO Long 2021 student, what are my next steps? 
Read e-mails from and/or and the instructions from the GO portal. Students who were approved for Spring 2021 must commit to the program by October 1 so that we can work with them for the next steps in the application and preparation process.
I am a Spring GO Long 2021 student, what happens if I withdraw from my committed program after October 1st, the commitment deadline?
By October 1st, you must choose whether or not to move forward with plans for GO Long for the Spring 2021 semester.  If students withdraw before the end of the Fall 2020 semester, GO is waiving the $500.00 withdraw fee for this semester. However, program partners may require non-refundable deposits if you withdraw after confirming your placement with them.
I am a Spring GO Long 2021 student, when is the latest I can withdraw from my program without incurring additional fees?
This depends entirely on each program. Please make sure to read all materials from your program provider or host university, as they will include information on their refund policies and procedures.  During this time, it is typical for providers to offer full refunds (of fees and deposits) as long as you give them approximately a month’s notice before the programs starts, but this varies by program, so make sure to find out from your provider what their policy is.

I am a Spring GO Long 2021 student, what will happen in the spring if I can’t participate in my scheduled GO Long?
This fall, in addition to planning for Spring 2021 GO Long, we will also be having students prepare for the reality that they might remain on campus in the spring, if their program is suspended, GO revokes approvals, or they choose to withdraw themselves.  So, students will go through spring course registration and housing selection in an abundance of caution.

We will work with students to defer to a later semester GO Long program (Fall 2021, for example). Or work with them through a GO Short or GO Your Way program over summer/winter break.

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​updated 9/28/2020