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How to Apply to GO

Step 1: Review the online brochure
When you have found a program to which you wish to apply (see “How to search for a program”), go to that program’s page (also called a 'brochure') by clicking on the name of the program. This is where you will see information about the program - an overview, cost information, etc.

Step 2: Click the orange “Apply Now” button.
You can find this button at the top of the brochure, on the left underneath the main picture. If that location does not have an "Apply Now" button, but instead says "This program is not currently accepting applications." then you have found a program not offered in the upcoming session (or you're looking at brochures outside of the application window). 

Step 3: Log in
You will be taken to the log-in prompter screen. (See “How to log in" if you have any trouble).

Step 4: Mark the program term.
You will indicate your preferred semester (term) of study.

Step 5: Complete the application, following the instructions.
You will now be directed to the Program Application Page (Pre-Approval). At the top, you'll see application instructions with more information about the various forms you will need to submit by the application deadline listed in the top-left of the page.