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GO Application FAQs

Below are some common questions that you may have as you are applying to programs and navigating through your application. If you have a question that is not answered below, you can contact the GO Program at or 570-372-4697 for assistance.

I’ve started an application. What do I need to do to finish?
A: Once you login to your GO account, you will see the Applicant Home which shows any applications you are currently working on. Click the name of the program for which you want to finish applying and any requirements you need to finish will be at the top of the page.

My page isn’t loading – what do I do?
A: It can sometimes take up to a full minute for your Applicant Home to load. After a minute, if the page is still loading, try refreshing the page as occasionally the system gets stuck.

How do I see my opened applications?
A: When you login to the GO Management System, you will see your Applicant Home. Your current applications will be at the top of the page. If you applied in the past for a previous semester or summer/winter, you can access Past Applications by clicking “Show past applications” at the bottom of the page.

How do I edit my GO profile?
A: On the Applicant Home screen, click the Profile tab to see your GO profile. You can edit your GO profile information by clicking on the Profile tab. Here you can change or erase a mobile number to receive application updates, add or change a CC email address or upload a photo for your profile. Click Update to save any changes.

Your address and emergency contact details are synced with the information that you have on file with SU. If you need to make changes to these, please follow the instructions on myNest. It may take some time before the information on your GO account is updated. 

How do I unsubscribe from e-mails?
A: You are not able to unsubscribe from e-mails that are sent to your address.
If you have a CC email address on your GO profile, you can erase it on your GO profile to stop receiving emails to that address. Click Update to save any changes.

I want to withdraw my application. How do I do that?
A: If you haven’t received a decision on your application, you can withdraw by logging in to your GO account and clicking ‘Withdraw Application’ next to the application you want to withdraw. You’ll be asked to provide a reason for your withdrawal.

If your application was approved but you have not yet committed, you can withdraw your application by clicking into the application and clicking the Decline button at the top of the page. By clicking Decline, your application will be automatically withdrawn.

If you have already committed to the program and would like to withdraw, you must contact directly. Please note there are fees associated with a withdraw after the commitment deadlines.

Where did the completed form go? / Can I see what I wrote?
A: Yes, under Completed Requirements you can see anything that you’ve completed for your application. Click the eye icon to see your answers for a questionnaire or to see the information from a document you had to read.

I clicked on a link in my application for another webpage and I can’t find my application now – what do I do? (go “back”)
A: You can click the Back button on your browser to go back to your application. The system will reload your application which can take up to a full minute.

My information disappeared! What happened?
A: Be sure to save any changes you make. If you are working on a questionnaire, click Save to keep any changes. If you are updating your GO profile, click Update to keep any changes.

When I access my application, the first document is showing but I can’t see the others. What should I do?
A: Upon login, one of the application requirements will automatically be shown. Clicking on the name of another requirement will make that one fully appear while minimizing the first one.

Is there a way to see how close I am to finishing what I need to for GO?
A: Yes. On your application, you will see a circle with (a number) of (a number). This will show how many requirements you have completed out of the total number of requirements and will fill in as you complete requirements.

I saw a long list of instructions for my application but now they’re gone. Where did they go?
A: Before you complete a requirement, you will see a list of instructions at the top of your application page. Once you complete an application task, the instructions will be hidden to highlight the requirements you need to complete. Click the Show Instructions button at the top of the page to make the instructions appear while you are on that page.

How do I know when my application for GO is due?
A: You can see your application deadline in two places: When you first login, you will see Deadline: (Date) under the name of your program. If you click into your application, the deadline will be listed in the top left of the page under the silhouette of a head/your photo if you uploaded one. From the second option, you will see a calendar icon that lets you add the deadline to your Google calendar, Outlook calendar or iCalendar.

I received an email from the GO Office but I accidentally deleted it.
A: You might be able to access it through your GO portal. Emails sent to you from the Global portal database are saved by the software and you can access them from the Message Center. Login to your GO account and click on Message Center at the top of the page. Emails are grouped five per page so you may need to click to Page 2, 3, etc. to find the email.