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Student Resource Guide - Transfer Students

Transfer Students and GO
Welcome to Susquehanna! All students who transfer into Susquehanna University also participate in the Global Opportunities (GO) program. While GO is something all Susquehanna students will have experienced by the time they graduate, transfer students tend to have a bit less time to plan and prepare for their GO adventures, so we advise that you start to think right away about your GO goals & programming options/timing.
Questions to help you explore your GO goals:
  • How will selecting a GO program tie into your existing personal and professional goals?
  • Is there something you want to learn or be exposed to (a language, a skill, a sport)?
  • Have you thought about how participating in a GO program might help make you more marketable to employers after graduation?
  • Is there somewhere in the world you have always wanted to visit?
  • Wondering what others have done? Check out our SU GO Bloggers! And our Instagram page. 
GO Programming Options/Timing
Transfer students can participate in any of the three GO program types (GO Long, GO Short, GO Your Way). While the majority of Susquehanna students complete a GO program over the summer or winter break, many also travel away for a semester length program.
Transfer students are able to complete a GO program as early as after the completion of their first semester – but to do this, you must work with the GO program within the first 2-weeks of your first semester on campus. Most students complete their GO program sometime during the middle of their time on campus, and before their final year at Susquehanna. At the very latest, students must complete their GO program at least a full semester before their anticipated graduation date.
Important GO Application dates (all applications are submitted online):
  • GO Long applications are open Oct 15 – Nov 15 for following academic year semesters
  • GO Short/GO Your Way applications are open Oct 15 – Nov 15 (Feb 15 for GO Your Way) for following summer programs and between March 15 – April 15 (September 15 for GO Your Way) for winter programs 
Please stop by the GO Office, or make an appointment, to learn more about GO and to discuss your GO options with an advisor!
Here are some additional questions to ask yourself before coming in for advising:
  • What requirements do you need to complete for graduation?
    • For your major/minor and for central curriculum
  • Will you be a language, International Studies, or International Business major?
    • Language and International Studies:  you need to complete a GO Long program
    • International Business: you need to complete a for-credit international internship through a GO Long or GO Your Way program
  • Have you started to think about budgeting and how you will fund your GO experience