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Mental Health Access - UWill Account

Whether you’re near or far, you’re part of our Susquehanna community. And just like when you are on campus, you have access to mental health resources — like connecting live with a counselor through telehealth services — from wherever you are, anytime throughout the year. Uwill can be where you are when CAPS can’t be; support is available through telehealth.

Create your Uwill profile, using your GO location (if you already have an account, simply update your address to your host location in your profile). If you don't know your address yet - simply use the campus/office address of your program. By selecting your host location you will see a list of counselors that can still meet with you while you are on your GO program - all using your preferred language. You will then select a counselor that feels like a good fit (and yes, you can change counselors at any time) You can schedule your appointment based on your needs and preferences — right from the Uwill platform.

Uwill Mental Health Partner
Appointments by video, phone or chat (up to 12 sessions per academic year)
  • Create your Uwill account through the Uwill platform. 
  • Click “I’m looking for mental health support.” 
  • Follow the prompts to set up your account.
    • **you need to register by entering your email to create an account. 
  • Choose your preferred therapist and schedule your session. 
  • UWill has wellness exercises and activities on the app that you will have access to as well.