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How to Commit to your Program

Step 1: Login and click on your application
Queensland Test App

Step 2: Once your application loads, your Decision letter will appear if it is your first time accessing the application. Click Continue to bypass it.

Step 3: Click Show Instructions under Requirements and you will see a list of requirements to commit to your program.
  • For a GO Long program, read and sign the Post-Approval Acknowledgement Form, Waiver of Liability and Health Form.
  • For a GO Short program, read and sign the COVID-19 Release, Waiver of Liability, GO Short - Post Approval Acknowledgement Form and GO Short - Financial Responsibilities.
  • For GO Your Way, read and sign the GO Your Way - Post-Approval Acknowledgement and Waiver of Liability
Step 4: Read and e-sign or complete any requirements under Step 3

Step 5: At the top of the page, click the Commit button to commit to your program.
Commit button

Step 5a: If you are no longer interested in your program, you can decline acceptance by clicking the Decline button. If you are declining acceptance, you will need to enter a reasoning for your decision and click Decline and Close.

Step 6: The page will refresh and your status will show as either Committed or Withdrawn if you declined acceptance.