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Recorded Information Sessions for 2021 Graduates

On this page are recordings for reference for 2021 anticipated graduates regarding the options to complete the cross-cultural requirement for graduation. 

General Session 
General Session Q/A 
Questions answered in this session: 
  • Do students need to retake the prep course if they have already completed it?
  • Are we guaranteed spots in a virtual program?
  • Is there a way we will know what students and faculty we will have to choose from before we declare the SU Connections option as our preferred option?
  • For the Virtual program options, would we still need to pay for the GO experience?
  • Are there any GO programs right after the academic year (appearing right after commencement) where we can go, and still fulfill the requirement while having the reflection course during the trip or right after and still be a May 2021 graduate?
  • If the May 2021 GO Short gets cancelled due to international COVID restrictions, will there be enough time to complete one of the 3 other options during the summer semester to graduate in August?
  • Is there anyway we could choose a virtual option and still GO Summer 2021 if everything turns out to be safe?
  • Will any of the programs potentially leave after the semester, but before commencement where we wouldn't be able to participate? Or will all of the dates leave after commencement?
  • Could a student student teach in the Spring and do a virtual internship at the same time?
  • If my program is not offered will I have to send in a new application for 2 more programs or just 1 new one? Also will we have priority for our preferences if this is the case?
  • With being an August 2021 graduate, will my honors be announced at the May commencement?

Summer 21 Travel with Q/A 
Questions answered in this session: 
  • Do I have to come back to SU in order to graduate in August?
  • If we take the reflection course over the summer, do we have to pay a fee like we would for a normal summer class?
  • Will the length of the GO programs be the same?
  • What happens if the trips get cancelled again in May?
  • Would the requirement be waved for 2021 grads?
  • Is there any recognition of honors at all then if graduation happens in August?
  • If the program that I chose before isn't available can I make it into a go your own way program?

Virtual Internship with Q/A 
Questions answered in this session: 
  • Are we placed into an internship? Or will we have options of which internship we think best suits us within our discipline?
  • Are they credit bearing internships (outside of the GO credits)?
  • Can I find my own international internship and get it approved?
  • Are there any other specific types of internships?
  • Do we need to fill out an application form for GO again?
  • If a student is student teaching during the spring semester, can we complete the entire program in the spring?
  • Do you have the approximate dates for the winter internship session?
  • How will pricing work/will we still be able to use our GO grants?
  • When do we get to see the internship options to then go through the application process?
  • Will we more than likely get our first choice?
  • Do you have any links for information on these organizations we will be working with?
  • When will we find out if we have been accepted into a program?

Virtual GO Short with Q/A - 9/30/2020
Questions answered in this session:
  • When will the decisions be made as to our preferences?
  • Is there a prep course for the Virtual GO Short programs?
  • For the spring semester option – would there be a possibility of travel over Spring Break?
  • If a student is student teaching in the spring, can they do a virtual GO short entirely during the spring semester?
  • Do we have to fill out an application regarding the specific area we would want to GO short with if this is the option we would want to do?
Virtual GO Short with Q/A - 10/1/2020
Questions answered in this session:
  • Is it a whole new application process?
  • How soon would we know which one we’re in?
  • Are we guaranteed a spot in a virtual program?
  • Difference between winter break and spring semester?
  • Is there any specific information about which countries within the regions?
  • Can I switch my preference from International SU connection to this option if I don’t like the list of faculty/staff/students available. 
  • How time consuming are the programs? For example, how would this option compare to the internships which could potentially be up to 120 hours?
  • Once we rank our preference of which option we want, are we locked into that?
  • How many people are going to be in each placement?
  • Are the courses remote or in-person?
  • Do I have to retake the prep course?
International SU Connections with Q/A
Questions answered during this session: 
  • I already took an intercultural course at SU (not a GO course) last semester – does that count?
  • If a student is student teaching in the spring, are they still able to complete this option?
  • If we chose to do a GO in the summer, but then decided to change, is a switch able to be made?