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GO Response to COVID-19

We understand and share your concerns about how COVID-19 may impact you/your student’s GO program and graduation. Because the global health outlook related to COVID-19 is fluid and can change rapidly, we understand that each student and their families may have differing thoughts regarding how they would like to proceed, and we will support each student’s decision.

Travel Decisions:
The timing of decisions will be based on a balance of global health news, public health and safety advisories, travel restrictions, visa application dates (when applicable), and program deadlines (when applicable), as well as feedback from on-site contacts. Once a decision has been made to postpone a program, GO will promptly notify students with details about alternative options. GO reserves the right to rescind approval for a program in a region with a level 3 or 4 U.S. State Department Travel advisory. We hold our students’ health and safety in the highest regard.  
GO Graduation Requirement:
The university has guaranteed to work with students to meet the cross-cultural requirement for graduation. We recognize that this may be different for each student, as students’ needs are unique. We are committed to working with students individually to find a suitable alternative, if needed.
At its heart, GO is a graduation requirement based on working toward a set of specific learning goals and reflection on that work. Traditionally that has included the requirement of a cultural immersion experience for at least two weeks and coursework on campus before and after travel.
In the past, the GO office has accommodated students when obstacles made it challenging for them to participate in a traditional GO program. We will use the same approach when working through concerns caused by coronavirus.  We are happy to talk with students about how they can complete the Cross-cultural Requirement if they are worried about travel due to coronavirus. They can set up a time to talk by sending an e-mail (

Some students are still concerned about traveling because of COVID-19 and completing the cross-cultural requirement for graduation. We have built a “COVID-19 accommodation request” application for approval to complete the cross-cultural requirement through a virtual program over summer 2021. This will be an option for Winter Break 2021/2022 as well. Please set up an appointment with Molly if you would like to pursue this accommodation.

What would happen if a GO program was suspended? 
We will work with students about deferral and alternative program options to complete the cross-cultural requirement. By being signed up for a program, we are able to work with students on next steps. Check out our FAQ specific for upcoming travel for more details.
Who can I contact about GO and the coronavirus situation? 
Please contact the GO office at with questions.

Last updated: 3/5/2021
Please review our General COVID-19 and GO FAQ and Upcoming Travel COVID19 FAQ documents. To see messages that we sent and general statement updates, use this link