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Faculty Recommendation How-To Guide (for faculty)

Faculty Recommendation Step-by-Step How-To Guide (for faculty)

Faculty recommendations for GO Your Way (GYW) are due two weeks upon receipt.

Faculty are an important part of the application process for student applying for a GO Long or Self-Designed GO Your Way program. If the student is taking courses in a foreign language, the student must also request an additional language recommendation.

Students can submit their application after their recommendation has been requested. The student will continue to receive reminders until the faculty recommendation is completed.

Step 1: To complete a student recommendation for GO Long or Self-Designed GO Your Way students, you will receive an email. 

Faculty Rec Email 

Step 2: Click the link, and enter the Recommendation ID (you can copy and paste it) and the Last Name of Applicant both listed in the email you received from And then click Validate to load the recommendation screen itself.
Faculty Rec Submission

Step 3: At the top of the recommendation questionnaire, your name (Recommender Name), the student’s name (Applicant Name) will be listed along with the student’s Intended Program of Study, Program Location and the year and term for which they’re applying to study abroad. Below, you’ll see a list of questions to complete.  When completed, click ‘send’.

Faculty Rec Questions

For questions or concerns, please contact the GO Program (