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GO Long Next Steps - Information for Families

Your student has been approved for a GO Long program, which means that they will be studying at another university or study abroad program for the semester. Each GO Long program is set up by a host university or program provider (study abroad organization). That means that each program is different, and each has its own policies and procedures for their program. Students should be in contact with their program provider directly for most things.  We work with your students the semester before they go. Your student receives a lot of information within their application, and directly from their host university/program provider.

We have included some basic information below for your reference.
GO Long timeline - post approval by Suitcase Sal

Students participating in a SU-in program work closely with the GO staff for their preparation. SU-in programs are the university partnerships that we maintain. The next steps for our SU-in program applications are outlined here, which include details about applying to the university, housing, courses, visa, and pre-departure considerations: 
Students going on the following programs will start to work more directly with their program provider (study abroad organization) who is coordinating their program. We've included a link to the provider's website below; please note that the link on the GO page will direct you to the specific program/track that your student is doing. If you are unsure about which program they are doing, please contact your student. The links below will direct you to general details about the organization and the support they offer.   
Throughout the process, your student is responsible for agreeing to the terms and conditions through signature documents. Below are some of the policies your student agreed to: