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GO Mission and Learning Goals


learning goals1
Our Global Opportunities (GO) Program is a central curriculum requirement unique to Susquehanna. Introduced in fall 2009, it grew out of the faculty's desire to challenge students in their understanding of and engagement with cultural difference. GO emphasizes the learning that takes place on campus before and after the cross-cultural experience. 

All students participate in a cross-cultural program as part of the Susquehanna central curriculum requirements. The requirement includes a preparations course, a GO Program, and a reflection course.

GO Program Mission Statement:
The GO Program guides Susquehanna students, faculty, and staff in cross-cultural experiences that academically engage them in our diverse and interconnected world.  

GO Learning Goals:
Through completion of an off-campus cross-cultural immersion experience, students demonstrate a complex understanding of culture that enables them to:
1 – Recognize and reflect on their own culture, their ethnocentric assumptions, and differences/similarities between cultures.
2 – Recognize and articulate ways that their own identities and actions may be understood differently in various cultural settings.
3 – Describe how their cross-cultural experiences help them understand issues in different cultural contexts.
4 – Articulate how their own intercultural growth can enrich their personal development, academic development, and career readiness.