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GO Mission and Learning Goals

Mission Statement:
The GO Program guides Susquehanna students, faculty, and staff in cross-cultural experiences that academically engage them in our diverse and interconnected world.  

GO Learning Goals:
Our Global Opportunities (GO) Program is a central curriculum requirement unique to Susquehanna. Introduced in fall 2009, it grew out of the faculty's desire to challenge students in their understanding of and engagement with cultural difference.

Students complete a cross-cultural experience that contains preparatory, experiential, and reflective components that enables them to:
  1. Demonstrate a complex understanding of culture including the ability to
    1. Develop a working definition of culture.
    2. Articulate awareness of differences and similarities between their culture of origin and the one in which they are immersed.
    3. Define and recognize ethnocentrism and ethnocentric assumptions.
    4. Demonstrate critical awareness of their own cultural values and identity.
  2. Recognize how their attitudes, behaviors, and choices affect the quality of their cross cultural experiences.
  3. Reflect on their personal growth, social responsibility, and the value of active participation in human society.
GO emphasizes the learning that takes place on campus before and after the cross-cultural experience.