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How to request a transcript

How to order an electronic transcript
1. Click here, read through the important information about transcript delivery and transcript type before choosing Click here to access the online transcript service.
2. Click Order Transcript(s) but before you begin, please have a credit card or debit card on-hand for payment at the end of the process
3. Under Personal Information, enter your name and date of birth as well as whether or not your name has changed since attending Susquehanna. Note: If your name has changed, you will be asked to provide the name under which you were enrolled.
4. Under Student Identification Information, enter either your Susquehanna Student ID number (7-digit number found on your Academic Profile) or Social Security Number as well as if you are currently enrolled at Susquehanna. If you choose No, you’ll be asked to provide your years of attendance.
5. Enter your current mailing address as well as a phone number and email address where you can be reached if needed. If you choose Yes below Phone Number, you will receive text messages with order updates.
6. Under Recipient, choose the Recipient Type for your transcript. For College/University, you then choose the State/Territory where the college/university is located and type in the name of the college/university. If your intended college/university is not on the list, you can enter the name and intended department.
7. Enter who will receive your transcript and choose the Transcript Type and Transcript Purpose. Choose the method by which you want your transcript delivered, the email for the recipient and how many transcripts you would like to order.
8. Choose the type of transcript you are ordering as well as your purpose for ordering the transcript. Pick how you would like the transcript to be delivered and how many copies you would like as well as attaching any documents that you need sent with your transcript.
9. Note: The available delivery options can vary based on the recipient and all attachments are reviewed by the Susquehanna University Registrar’s Office before the transcript is released.
10. Confirm that the order information is correct or choose Edit to make any changes before clicking Checkout.
11. Electronically sign the consent form to release your transcript.
12. Enter your payment information on the secured payment screen and choose Pay With Your Credit Card.
13. Once you sign the consent form, you will be taken to a confirmation screen letting you know that your order went through and you will receive an automated email confirmation from shortly.

Note: You will receive two automated emails from when your transcript is ready. One will say “Transcript Link for (Your Name)” and the other will say “Transcript Password for (Your Name)” – you will need to click the transcript link and enter the password along with the email address where you received the confirmation notice to retrieve your transcript. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view your electronic transcript. You can download it for free if needed.

Note: Once you download and open the electronic transcript file, saving the file to your computer/device without making any attempted edits will allow you to attach the transcript in an email with a blue security ribbon at the top of the file. The blue security ribbon along with the Susquehanna University watermark makes the transcript official.