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How to search for a program

GO Management System: How To Search for a Program
The search options in the GO Management System enable you to search for a program based on one or more search filters.
You can search for programs by clicking the Programs link located in the top left of the black navigation bar on the home page. The Simple Search page is displayed.
After the Programs page loads, you will see a list of Susquehanna’s featured programs. You can also:
- List all programs that Susquehanna offers
- Use simple or advanced searches
- Perform a map search to see all programs in a specific region
- Search for all programs in a location or relevant programs using Program Discovery

Listing All Programs
List All

To list all the programs offered or supported by the university, click the List All tab at the top of the page. A list of all of the available programs is displayed. On the right side of the screen next to each program, applicants will see two “Save/Share” buttons. The orange disk is the “Save” button and allows an applicant to save the link to a certain program to their profile page for easier access. The green button is the “Share” button and allows applicants to share the link to a program on Facebook or Twitter.

Performing a Simple Search
Simple Search

To perform a simple search, click the Simple Search tab. The Simple Search form is displayed. Applicants can type the name of the program they are searching for in the Program Name field. Note: To search for an exact match, use quotation marks (" ") around the search string. Applicants can select the term in which they want to study from the Term drop-down list box. To further narrow the search, specify program parameters such as city, country and region. Click Search to view the results. A list of programs based on the search criteria is displayed.

Performing an Advanced Search
Advanced Search

Click the Advanced Search tab located at the top of the page. The Advanced Search form is displayed.

To search for a particular program, enter the name of the program in the Program Name field.
You can further narrow down the search by selecting from the lists specified under the Location/Term section, which include:
- City
- Country
- Region
- Term
- Partner Institutions
Further, you can opt to filter the search results by using the site’s custom-created Program Parameters which include:
- Minimum GPA
- Suggested Majors/Minors
- Language of Instruction
- Estimated Price Range (for GO Short programs only)
- Housing Options
- Native Language(s)
- Class Status required to take part in the program
- Duration of the program
- Service/volunteer opportunities
- Internship opportunities
- Research opportunities
- Peers
- Meets Language Major Requirement
- Program Type
- Language GPA
- Offered Program Area of Study

You can use the Sort Options section at the bottom of the page to organize the search results by any of the following
- Program Name
- City
- Country
- Region

The search results can be organized in both ascending and descending order of the alphabet.
Click Search. The Search results are displayed.

Performing a Map Search
Map Search

Using the Map Search tab, you can search for programs geographically. First, select the continent you're interested in. The map will resize and reveal countries with active programs. Then, select a country with active programs. Once you do, a pop-up panel will appear, listing links to all the active programs. Select one to go to its brochure page. At any time you can start over by clicking on the black house icon above the + (plus) and – (minus) zoom controls to the left of the map.

Program Discovery
Program Discovery

Program Discovery lets you search for a given location and see any programs in that location as well as related programs. You will see a selection of Featured Programs and can input any location you choose to see available programs listed by relevance, i.e. if you search for Paris, France, programs in Paris will appear first, followed by other programs in France and finally other programs where French is offered or spoken. To access Program Discovery, click on Programs in the black bar at the top of the page and choose Program Discovery on the far right.

Request Info
Request Info

To request information about a program, search for a program using any of the options above and click on the name of the program to load the program’s online brochure.

From the Program Brochure page, you can:
- Apply to the program if it is accepting applications at that time
- Request information about the program before applying for it
- Print the details displayed on the program brochure pages
- Click Request Info on the Program Brochure page to request more information. You will be prompted to login or create credentials. Note: If you are a Susquehanna student, you will choose “I have a Susquehanna username and password” and enter your Susquehanna email and password. The Request for Information page opens. Enter your message in the space provided. Click Send. This sends an email to the designated staff member who can provide information about the program.