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How to See GO Grant Eligibility Percentage

GO Short and GO Your Way students may be eligible for a “GO Grant.”

Students participating in a GO Short or GO Your Way program to complete the cross-cultural requirement may be eligible for need-based aid (the GO Grant), based on a completed FAFSA and Expected Family Contribution, as calculated by Student Financial Services. GO Grants may be applied to cover a percentage (0-75%) of the program fee of any GO Short program and approved GO Your Way programs of a comparable cost. Please stop by the Global Programs Office for more details on how this GO Grant would apply to specific GO Your Way programs. Students may only use the GO Grant one time. 

There are two ways to see your GO Grant eligibility: Apply-to-GO profile or mySU.

You can see your GO Grant eligibility on mySU - here's how:
Sign into mySU ( using your SU email/password.
Using the "Quick Links" menu, select "Academic Support" then "Global Programs"

mysu go page
Then select "Global Opportunities (GO) Program". Your GO Short/GYW Grant eligibility will be on the home screen on the right hand side. 
mysu go grant view
You can see this on your Apply-to-GO profile after you have an active application - here's how:

Sign into Apply-to-GO (this webpage) using your full SU email and password.
From your “Applicant Home” click on the "Profile tab":

GO Grant Percentage
If you have questions about your GO Grant Eligibility Percentage, please contact Student Financial Services ( or Katie Erdley (