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International Internships

Did you know that you can complete an international internship as part of your GO experience?
Check out a list of programs with internships. There are close to 40 approved GO Long programs that offer some type of internship opportunity as part of the program. For some, you are working and studying at the same time; for others, you would start your internship upon the conclusion of your studies. Please note that most international internships are unpaid due to visa restrictions.

Alternatively you could complete an international internship through a GO Your Way program. Please see the GO Office to discuss program providers if you are interested in an internship program over Summer/Winter break.
 **note: if you are an International Business major, you must complete a for-credit internship as part of your major, Please work with the GO office and your advisor to ensure that your program meets this requirement. 
Why an international internship
Need more reasons – check out the article 4 Lifelong Benefits You Get From an Internship Abroad in Entrepreneur 
Questions to think about:
  • Is an international internship the right fit for you?
  • What are your careers and academic goals? How do you think you can leverage an internship abroad to reach these goals?
  • What kind of internship do you want to do? You can participate in an internship that relates to your major or choose something in a completely unrelated field. This can be a great way to explore new career possibilities.
  • Is the city you're choosing to intern in a good place for the industry in which you are interested?
  • Do you speak the local language to enhance your internship experience? Do you want to learn or improve on a foreign language that you're learning?
  • Do you have interest in pursuing work abroad post-graduation? Perhaps you envision yourself employed by an international or global company? Interning abroad may provide the right networking opportunities and experience to uniquely qualify you.
  • Do you need special authorization to intern? While the program will assist you, there are certain Visa or Work Authorization requirements that you will need to obtain. Most international internships are unpaid internships due to Visa restrictions.
  • What type of soft skills do you want to focus on and grow? Is there a particular technical skill that you’d like to add to your portfolio? Consider how an internship would allow you to achieve these skills.