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GO Short Overview

GO Short Overview

The Basics

Duration:  A minimum of two weeks (14 days not including travel time to and from) in a cross-cultural setting in the United States or other country.

The course includes: a pre-departure course the semester prior to the program, off-campus travel, and a post-experience reflective course on campus the following semester.

Choosing your program

When choosing a GO Short program, it is important to explore all of your options and determine which program will be the best fit for you.  All GO Short programs are listed on the GO Program website, with general descriptions of what each program includes.  This is a great place to start your GO Short research. Note that not all GO Short programs are offered every year. The specific list of programs offered each year are posted about 8-9 months before they run.   If you have additional questions, you are encouraged to visit the Global Programs Office and speak with an advisor. You can also contact the Program Directors to get more details about their program; they are always the most knowledgeable resource! The GO Fair, held each fall, is also a fun way to learn about the different GO Short program options.

Puerto Rico Group

Student eligibility

Students with any kind of ‘hold’ on their record will not be able to apply for a GO program: disciplinary, financial, or academic.  A student on any kind of disciplinary probation may not apply (or be considered) for any GO program until they are no longer on probation. Any student with a balance on their account must clear that balance before their application can be considered. Students who have a GPA lower than 2.0 will not be able to apply for a GO Short program.

GO Short Application Process

There is one main round of applications for GO Short programs for each term – this occurs about 7-8 months in advance of the program. The applications are submitted on the Apply-to-GO webpage and then Program Directors will review the applicants for the program.

Summer applications are open online from October 15-November 15. Winter applications are open online from March 15-April 15. Students must apply to two programs and will rank them as primary and alternative choices. Juniors and seniors have priority for GO Short programs.

Application Review

After Program Directors have reviewed all of the applications and made their initial placement decisions, they submit the initial decisions to the GO Program. Students will receive automatic e-mails from the system.

Students who are not placed in either of their program choices after the first round of open applications will be notified of other ways they can complete the GO requirement.  This may include GO Short programs that did not fill during the application window, GO Short programs during a different term, and GO Your Way.

How students commit to a program

If accepted into the program, students will receive notification through the GO Management System. It will provide valuable information and links to additional forms that will need to be completed. Students will have about one week to commit to the program by clicking the “commit” button in the GO Management System, and read/sign the Post-Approval Acknowledgement Form.

Failure to provide the required documentation by the firm deadline will result in the student losing their placement in the program and they will have to apply for a different program during the following application cycle, if there are spots open.

Upon completing the Post-Approval Acknowledgement Form and clicking “commit” button, they are financially committed to the program. After the commitment deadline students are responsible for fees associated with the program (including the program fee and any other fees made on their behalf). After students have confirmed their placement in the program they will be given the deadlines for additional documentation.


Students participating in a GO Short program to complete the cross-cultural requirement are eligible for need-based aid (the GO Grant), based on a completed FAFSA and Expected Family Contribution. The Student Financial Services Office calculates the GO Grant.  GO Grants may be applied to cover a percentage (0-75%) of the program fee of any GO Short program. The GO Grant is available on the GO Program mySU page or once a student has an application through Students may only use the GO Grant one time. 

Student Financial Services will place the trip balance on the students regular SU bill (the timing depends on the billing schedule). If a student receives need-based financial aid for a GO Short program, it will appear as a credit on their regular SU bill at the same time as the billing.

Students have until 30 days prior to trip departure to pay off the trip balance without penalty. If a student fails to pay off the balance by 30 days prior to trip departure, that student will not be able to go on the trip and will be liable for any payments made on their behalf prior to trip departure (plane tickets, other deposits).

If a student withdraws from a GO Short program after commitment deadline, there is a $500 withdraw fee plus any non-refundable fees made on their behalf. 

Pre-departure Course
GO Programs include a mandatory pre-departure course. The course introduces students to the cross-cultural learning goals and how students will achieve them through coursework on campus and on-site. It also presents key program-specific details students need to know, basic ‘survival language’ skills as needed, as well as general pre-departure information applicable to any study away participant.

Registration and grading

The Registrar registers all students for GO Short Programs. Students are registered for the pre-departure course in the semester before the cross-cultural experience (OFFP-program name), the cross-cultural experience (OFFS-program name) and the reflection course (OFFR-program name) which takes place in the semester following the cross-cultural experience. These will all appear on a student’s schedule. Program Directors grade students for each of these parts of a GO Short program.

Pre-Departure Planning

Flight Arrangements

The plane ticket, from the designated departure airport, is included in the fees for GO Short Programs. Students may choose to stay longer at their program site but they are responsible for paying change fees and any difference in ticket price and flights must be booked through the program travel agency. They must also sign a release indicating that as of a particular date/time, they are traveling on their own. Group flights will depart from and return to the same U.S. airport. Any travel plans necessary to meet the group at the identified departure city will be at the student’s expense and must be booked through the same travel agency as the group flight.

Safety and Security

The safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff who are participating in GO Short programs is of the highest importance. The GO Program has established policies and procedures designed to maximize the safety and security of all study away participants.

The GO Program monitors the safety and security situation at all program sites and is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through an emergency cell phone system while any GO Short program is running. If a problem arises while on a GO Short program, students immediately notify their Program Director. Program Directors have been trained on the proper protocols in regards to minor and major incidents; if needed, they will contact the GO Program and/or the SU Office of Campus Safety.