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GO Short Programs

View a listing of all of our summer and winter programs.  Click on the name of a program to view the brochure page of that program.  

To learn more about our response to COVID-19, see our FAQ
All Winter 2021-22 GO Short Programs:
Note: the application cycle is closed and programs are full
Program Name Price  Dates
Arts of Italy $6,100 Jan. 3 - 22
Czech History and Theatre $5,450 Jan. 3 - 20
GalapaGOs $6,500 Jan. 3 - 19
Jan. 14 - 30
GO Austria  $4,800 Jan. 3 - 22
GO Cuba - Note: will be going to Mexico  $5,200 Jan. 8 - 23
GO Morocco $6,000 Jan. 2 - 21
GO New Zealand/Aotearoa - Note: will be going to Cyprus $6,000 Jan. 3 - 18
Greek Culture: Ancient and Modern $5,600 Jan. 2 - 17
Peace, Youth and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland $6,500 January
Sherpa Life and Culture $6,500 Dec. 18 - Jan. 17
GO Short timelines:
Summer GO Short Programs are announced October 1
Summer GO Short Applications open October 15-November 15

SUMMER 2022 GO Short Programs will be announced at the end of the Fall '21 semester
SUMMER 2022 GO Short Program Applications will open: Jan. 31-Feb. 15, 2022

Winter GO Short Programs are announced March 15
Winter GO Short Applications are open March 15-April 15

Important information:
There is one main application cycle for GO Short programs. If there are still spaces available, we will reopen applications. Priority for GO Short programs, like all Central Curriculum courses, is given to juniors and seniors.  You must submit 2 completed GO Short applications and be in good academic and disciplinary standing in order to be considered for a GO Short program. Please note that if you are applying for Round 2, you will only need to complete 1 application.

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