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Current GO Short Programs

Click on the name of a program to view the brochure page of that program.  

Please note that there is a vaccine requirement in place for GO Short programs. There are no exemptions for this due to the nature of the programs as well as the host culture regulations. To learn more about our response to COVID-19, see our FAQIf you have a campus-exemption, please talk to us about domestic GO Your Way options that may be available.
Winter 2022/2023 GO Short List: ​
Program Name Status Dates Cost
GO Merida  Program Full January 5-20 $5,000
GO Morocco Program Full Approx. Jan 2-21 $6,300
GO New Zealand Program Full Approx. Dec 27-Jan 16 $6,000
PataGOnia Program Full January 5-22 $6,500
Service and Culture in Puerto Rico Program Full January 2-17 $5,500
SWSB London Consulting Program Full January 2-20 $6,500

Summer 2023 programs will be announced in October.

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GO Short timelines:
Summer GO Short Programs are announced October 1
Summer GO Short Applications open October 15-November 15

Winter GO Short Programs are announced March 15
Winter GO Short Applications are open March 15-April 15

Important information:
There is one main application cycle for GO Short programs. If there are still spaces available, we will reopen applications. Priority for GO Short programs, like all Central Curriculum courses, is given by anticipated graduation date.  You must submit 2 completed GO Short applications and be in good academic and disciplinary standing in order to be considered for a GO Short program. Please note that if you are applying for Round 2, you will only need to complete 1 application.

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