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Examples of Some Student Experiences

Phoebe Kurien (Instagram: @phoebstakesontheworld)

About: Phoebe served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi, working as a Community Health Specialist. Follow her Instagram above for photos, videos and thoughts from her experience in Malawi.

Jennie Lien

About: Jennie volunteered with the Peace Corps in Togo, as an agriculture development specialist.
Malia Simon


About: Malia was named a Cultural Vistas Fellow in 2019 and spent the summer in Hong Kong studying the impact of global climate change through an internship with Carbon Care InnoLab. After returning, Malia was chosen to represent Cultural Vistas and share her story at the Cultural Vistas Awards Gala in New York City.

"While I was at my internship, Carbon Care InnoLab, I saw how climate change is impacting coastal- cities across the world. Seeing how this pressing issue in our world is impacting everyone, I gained inspiration and motivation to continue mitigating climate change here in my own communities that is, the Navajo Nation. After a summer in Hong Kong and learning about my potential and what I can offer to this world, I came back junior year determined to pursue tribal policy concerning the environment in my homelands but also in the United States." - Malia Simon

Daniel Yim


About: Daniel spent a summer in Seoul, South Korea, interning with Doongle, an app that helps its users build cross-cultural connection through conversation. 
Richard Berwind and Jacob Tashoff

Podcast Logo

Bio: Richard and Jacob recorded a podcast during their GO Your Way to Dublin, Ireland in Summer 2019. The podcast captures the pair's conversations at 1:16 in the morning as they adjust to life in Ireland. Richard is a Creative Writing/English - Literature double major while Jacob is majoring in Creative Writing. Click the podcast logo above to access their website or listen to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

Catherine Welch

About: Catherine completed a fellowship with the Atlantis Critical Fellowship in Portugal in Summer 2019, shadowing physicians and having the privilege to experience the moment a woman become a mother. Catherine, a neuroscience major and psychology minor, worked 20 hours per week alongside physicians as one of a small group of students awarded the opportunity of an Atlantis Critical Fellowship.
Luke Duceman '18 (Instagram: @lukeenlugares)

About: Luke served as a Fulbright Scholar in Liberia, Costa Rica as an English Teaching Assistant at the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje. Follow his Instagram above for photos, videos and thoughts from his experience in Costa Rica.
Rachel Sweger


About: Rachel interned in Sydney, Australia with Students Athletes Abroad as a GO Your Way, helping the organization with social media content and running sports camps.

"My biggest personal takeaway from my trip to Australia was that I am capable of far more than I imagined. I can independently travel the world and can create a network of people anywhere I go. My biggest professional takeaway from my time in Australia is that my Susquehanna education has equipped me well to make an immediate impact in whatever company I may become employed in. My acquired skills enabled me to fully embrace my internship role and help further the company's efforts." - Rachel Sweger

Taylor Schneider

Taylor was named the International Student of the Year at the University of Waikato, New Zealand while on a GO Long in Fall 2018.

"My time at the University of Waikato was nothing short of amazing. Many things happened, and I received the International Student of the Year Award.  I never thought my name was going to be called to receive that award. I am grateful for all of my friends from the University of Waikato and my Susquehanna friends who were by my side the whole time. I also wanted to say thank you to the Waikato International Team. My friends really pushed me to be the version of myself and do everything I could. I like to lead with integrity and I believe did. That award is something I am, and will forever be proud of. Proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone and being myself! From that day I always try to be the best version of myself!" - Taylor Schneider
Ciara Middleton


About: Ciara spent a summer in Santiago, Chile, interning for Magma Partners, a venture capital investment firm that supports burgeoning Latin American companies.

"Spending my summer in Chile as a Stein Fellow was a pivotal time in both my personal and professional journey. The cross-cultural literacy I have gained from having internships in three different continents is invaluable. I am endlessly thankful for the opportunities that the SWSB has provided me; my future in the field of international business will be characterized by these powerful early-life experiences." - Ciara Middleton