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Student Resource Guide - ROTC and GO

ROTC GO Program Resources Page for Students
This resource guide is intended to support ROTC students starting to think about how they will complete the GO requirement. We recommend all students start to think about GO early in their time as students at SU, and this is particularly true for ROTC students, who have obligations other students do not have.  For instance, whereas there are many voluntary summer ROTC programs, the summer after third year Cadet Advance Camp in Kentucky is mandatory, and therefore most likely makes it harder for an ROTC student to complete their GO requirement that summer.

The first recommended step for ROTC students to take in relation to GO would be to speak with their ROTC representative from Bison Battalion ( That person will understand the ROTC obligations quite well, and hopefully will be able to help students navigate which periods of time are best suited for a GO program.  We also strongly suggest that all ROTC students sign up for and attend an in-person advising session with a GO advisor, to learn more about GO program options. Sign up HERE.

Questions to consider asking and researching when planning for GO:
  • What is the best time for participation in a GO program given ROTC time commitments?
    • Remember GO Short and GO Your Way programs occur over summer/winter break. The timing of some GO Short over summer will often interfere with required ROTC trainings, so make sure to verify dates before committing to a program. GO Long options might include spring of 2nd year or potentially fall of 4th year.
  • How will your military association impact your interactions with locals while away?
  • Will you need to list military service on a visa application?
  • Will you need to maintain a fitness regimen, and what facilities will be available?
  • Has the U.S. military been involved in prior action with or in the host country? What is the perception of those military actions among locals?
  • Can your ROTC related payments & scholarships be put toward your GO program?
  • Worried about a current or future security clearance?
    • Create a spreadsheet to store sustained foreign contact information for serious connections you make abroad. Keep track of your addresses abroad and details for two references per address. You can check out the SF-86 form for more info. 
Helpful webpages: