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Student Bloggers - GO Long

SU GO Bloggers (Current semester) 

We have had bloggers in the following locations - you can check out some of our previous bloggers! 

bloggers  as of 11.2018*map shows previous GO blogger locations as of 11/2018

These are student blogs for programs still offered:

Accra, Ghana (Spring19)
Aix-en-Provence, France (Spring15)
Alicante, Spain (Fall21) (Spring18
Amman, Jordan (Spring16) (Spring15)
Barcelona, Spain (Fall21) (Spring20) (Fall17
Buenos Aires, Argentina (Fall22(Fall18)
Freiburg, Germany (Fall19) (Spring 19) (Spring17
Gabrone, Botswana (Spring15)
*Galway, Ireland (Spring22) (Fall21) (Spring20) (Fall18
*Gold Coast, Australia (Spring18)
*Hamilton, New Zealand (Spring20) (Fall19(Spring18) 
*Liverpool, England (Fall22) (Fall22) Fall22) (Fall18)
*London, England (Spring17
*Maastricht, Netherlands (Spring22) (Fall19)
*Macau, China (Spring18
*Marburg, Germany (Fall22) (Fall22)
*Melbourne, Australia (Spring20) (Fall18) (Spring18)
*Nicosia, Cyprus (Spring22) (Spring22) (Spring20) (Fall17) (Spring17) (Fall16) (Fall15)
*Prague, Czech Republic (Fall21) (Fall19) (Spring19) (Spring16
Rabat, Morocco (Spring19)
Siena, Italy (Spring20)
Sorrento, Italy (Fall22) (Spring22)
*Stirling, Scotland (Spring22) (Fall19) (Fall18) (Fall17) (Spring17) (Fall15)
Strasburg, France (Spring19)
*Tokyo, Japan (Fall19) (Fall18)

*SU-in program