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Student Bloggers - GO Long

SU GO Bloggers (Current semester) 

We have had bloggers in the following locations - you can check out some of our previous bloggers

bloggers  as of 11.2018*map shows GO blogger locations as of 11/2018

These are student blogs:

Accra, Ghana (Spring19)
Aix-en-Provence, France (Spring15)
Alicante, Spain (Spring18
Amman, Jordan (Spring16) (Spring15)
Barcelona, Spain (Spring20) (Fall17) (Spring17
Buenos Aires, Argentina (Fall18)
Freiburg, Germany (Fall19) (Spring 19) (Spring17
Gabrone Botswana (Spring15)
Galway, Ireland (Spring20) (Fall18) (Spring17)
Gold Coast, Australia (Spring18)
Hamilton, New Zealand (Spring20) (Fall19(Spring18) 
Liverpool, England (Fall18)
London, England (Spring18) (Spring17) (Fall16) (Fall16) (Spring16) (Fall15)
Maastricht, Netherlands (Fall19)
Macau, China (Spring18) (Spring16)
Melbourne, Australia (Spring20) (Fall18) (Spring18)
Nicosia, Cyprus (Spring20) (Fall17) (Spring17) (Fall16) (Fall15)
Prague, Czech Republic (Fall19) (Spring19) (Spring18) (Spring16
Rabat, Morocco (Spring19)
Siena, Italy (Spring20)
Stirling, Scotland (Fall19) (Fall18) (Fall17) (Spring17) (Fall15)
Strasburg, France (Spring 2019)
Tokyo, Japan (Fall19) (Fall18)