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Welcome to Susquehanna University's Global Opportunities (GO) Program Application Portal!  

To make an GO advising appointment, click here.
All students participate in a cross-cultural program (a GO program) as part of their Susquehanna central curriculum requirements. To fulfill the requirement, students participate in a course prior to their cross-cultural experience, attend their program, and then take a course afterwards reflecting on the experience. Programs are available both domestically and internationally. You could GO Short, traveling for two weeks or more with SU faculty and staff program directors during summer and winter breaks. You could GO Long on a semester program. Or you can GO Your Way, participating in a cross-cultural experience during summer or winter breaks.

Not sure who to talk to to find out more about your program options? Check out our virtual offices: 
GO Virtual Office   

International, Non-GO Travel Registration
Students, faculty and staff are asked to register all non-GO international travel.
For upcoming non-GO travel, please click below to log your travel. If your travel destination is not in the listing, please choose "Global, Global" for your itinerary location, click Add to Itinerary and complete the brief form.