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This is a listing of all the featured SU GO programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name. If you'd like to see more approved GO program options, click on 'list all' or search using the simple or advanced tabs.
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*GO SHORT - A Window to Japan Niigata, Japan; Sado Island, Japan; Tokyo, Japan
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: Naomi Niskala    About A Window to Japan: A Window to Japan takes a small group of 8 students on an intensive chamber music exchange program with students and faculty at Niigata University.  During ou r[...]
*GO SHORT - Arts of Italy Faenza, Italy; Florence, Italy
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: Gail Levinsky About Arts of Italy: This program offers students an opportunity to engage with the rich culture and history of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany regions of Italy. Students will observe and attend music lessons and rehear sals[...]
*GO SHORT - British Law, Commerce and Culture London, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credits: Rick Davis and Matt Rousu Offered Summer 2018: Dates: May 17 – June 3 Note: 16 spaces About British Law, Commerce and Culture: Students who participate in British Law, Commerce, and Culture will use [...]
*GO SHORT - Czech Culture and Crew Ceské Budejovice, Czech Republic; Prague, Czech Republic
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: Sally Thomas About Czech Culture and Crew: Students have a spectacular vantage point to get to know Prague--via the Vltava River from a boat. While the mornings are spent on the river in preparation for an international t ournament,[...]
*GO SHORT - Czech History and Theatre Prague, Czech Republic
Terms: Summer Description: Photo credit: Anna Andes and Ed Slavishak     About Czech History and Theatre:   On this program you will explore the Czech Republic, where the theatrical arts have participated in historical change and shaped politic s[...]
*GO SHORT - FOCUS Australia Alice Springs, Australia; Cairns, Australia; Kings Canyon, Australia; Sydney, Australia; Yulara, Australia
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: David Richard   Offered Summer 2018 Dates Pending: estimate Mid-May - Mid-June Note: 14 spaces   About FOCUS Australia: Focus Australia is the longest running faculty-led study program at Susquehanna, having b een[...]
*GO SHORT - French Language and Culture Aix-en-Provence, France
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: Michele DeMary   Offered Summer 2018! approx: June 3-5 - July 15 Note: 10 spaces About French Language and Culture: The French Language and Culture program is perfect for students who wants to live with a hos t[...]
*GO SHORT - GO Austria Salzburg, Austria; Vienna, Austria
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: David Imhoof   About GO Austria:    GO Austria offers you the mountains, music, and magic of Austria. But beyond seeing lovely tourist spots, you will get to know and work closely with students at the Universi ty[...]
*GO SHORT - GO Chester Chester, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: Valerie Allison Offered Summer 2018! Dates: May 12 – June 1 Note: 12 spaces   About GO Chester: Students are able to work with local students and staff daily in order to learn about the educational system in the [...]
*GO SHORT - GO Cuba Havana, Cuba; La Picadora, Cuba
Terms: Description:   About GO Cuba: Prerequisite: Spanish 102 or equivalent Financial aid: Need-based aid may be available Directors: María Muñoz, Associate Professor of History, and Scott Manning, Dean of G lobal[...]
*GO SHORT - GO Cusco Cusco, Peru; Lima, Peru
Terms: Summer Description: Offered Summer 2018: Dates: May 15/16 - June 2 Note: 16 spaces About GO Cusco: GO Cusco is a service-learning and cultural program located in the historic capital of the Incan empire high in the Peruvian Andes. In our program, we w ill[...]
*GO SHORT - GO Cyprus: A Table Divided Nicosia, Cyprus
Terms: Summer, Winter Description: Offered Summer 2018! Dates: May 19-June 3 Note: 16 spaces   About GO Cyprus:  GO Cyprus is a two-week program centered in Nicosia, which also includes excursions to sites of cultural, historical and political signific ance[...]
*GO SHORT - GO Hawai'i Big Island of Hawai'i, HI, United States; Kaua'i, HI, United States; O'ahu, HI, United States
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: Kuuipo Tom   Offered Summer 2018 Dates: May 12 - May 29 NOTE: Maximum of 12 spaces About GO Hawai'i:   What makes this program so special is the true cultural immersion the students experience over the [...]
*GO SHORT - GO Iceland Akureyri, Iceland; Reykjavik, Iceland; Vestmannaeyjar Islands, Iceland
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: John Bodinger Offered Summer 2018: Dates: May 27 - June 17 Note: 17 spaces About GO Iceland:   Combining anthropological and geological perspectives, this program focuses on fundamental components that shape Icelan d[...]
*GO SHORT - GO Jerusalem Jerusalem, Israel
Terms: Winter Description: Photo Credit: Nina Mandel   About GO Jerusalem:  GO Jerusalem: Interfaith Encounters is an immersion in the living history of this ancient city. We engage with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities as we learn about the di verse[...]
*GO SHORT - GO New Orleans New Orleans, LA, United States
Terms: Winter Description:   About GO New Orleans: GO New Orleans offers students a domestic study away program in Louisiana, learning about its culture, food, music, and history - all of which have been influenced by American, French, Spanish and African& nbsp;cultures.[...]
*GO SHORT - GO New Zealand/Aotearoa Auckland, New Zealand; Paihia, New Zealand; Rotorua, New Zealand; Wellington, New Zealand
Terms: Summer, Winter Description:   Offered Summer 2018 Dates: May 20-June 8 Note: 16 spaces About GO New Zealand/Aotearoa: The land of New Zealand is ancient, home to 2000 year old kauri pine trees and hundreds of extinct volcanoes, but its human culture is youn g,[...]
*GO SHORT - GO Sweden Stockholm, Sweden; Uppsala, Sweden
Terms: Summer Description: Offered Summer 2018! Dates: May 19-June 4 Note: 16 spaces About GO Sweden: GO Sweden is a first hand look into the health care system of Scandinavia through visits to pharmacies, clinics, and meeting with local students of the health profes sions.[...]
*GO SHORT - GO Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
Terms: Summer, Summer (Round 2) Description:   About GO Tokyo: GO Tokyo gives you an opportunity to experience Japan’s rich tradition and culture, which includes anime, manga, video games, and food. While Tokyo is the nation's bustling capital, Japan has a cle an[...]
*GO SHORT - GO Villandraut Paris, France; Villandraut, France
Terms: Summer Description:   About GO Villandraut: Prerequisite: Completion of FRNC:102 or equivalent Financial aid: Need-based aid may be available Director: Lynn Palermo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French About GO Sh ort: Through[...]
*GO SHORT - GalapaGOs Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Terms: Summer Description:     About GalapaGOs: Charles Darwin’s observations in the Galápagos led to a breakthrough in evolutionary theory—this volcanically-active island archipelago is one of Earth's natural treasures, home to plant [...]
*GO SHORT - Greek Culture: Ancient and Modern Athens, Greece; Crete, Greece
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: Coleen Zoller    Offered Summer 2018! Dates: May 17-June 4 Note: 20 spaces   About Greek Culture: Ancient and Modern: Through time in Athens, Crete, and Santorini, students experience Greek culture, incl uding[...]
*GO SHORT - Italian Language and Culture Ferrara, Italy
Terms: Summer Description: Photo Credit: Daryl Rodgers   About Italian Language and Culture: Italian Language and Culture is a 4 week program that allows you to immerse yourself in Italian culture by living with an Italian family and participating in a s ummer[...]
*GO SHORT - Life is Good in Chile Santiago, Chile
Terms: Winter Description: About Life is Good in Chile: This program is uniquely-active immersion into the Chilean beach, urban, and rural communities while completing community service focusing on athletics and community reconstruction after a tsunami. Todd Ericso n,[...]
*GO SHORT - PLUS Lipa City, Philippines; Manila, Philippines
Terms: Summer Description:   Offered Summer 2018 May 15-June 1 About Philippines: Learning, Understanding and Service (PLUS): This program offers students an immersive service-learning program in a culture very different from central Pennsylvania.  Particip ants[...]
*GO SHORT - Peace, Youth and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland Ballycastle, Ireland; Belfast, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland
Terms: Summer Description: TWO PROGRAMS THIS SUMMER! Offered Summer 2018 May 21 - June 11 Note: 14 spaces June 25 - July 16 Note: 14 spaces   About Peace, Youth and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland: During this program you will have the opportunity t o[...]
*GO SHORT - Service and Culture in Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
Terms: Summer Description:     About Service and Culture in Puerto Rico: This program allows students to learn about the island through service learning within Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s natural environment is as diverse as the people and culture [...]
*GO SHORT - Sherpa Life and Culture Kathmandu, Nepal
Terms: Winter Description:  Photo Credit: David Richard     About Sherpa Life and Culture: This unique program centers around a life-changing two-week trek through the Himalayas. Students can expect to gain insight into the role of geography and [...]
*GO SHORT - Spanish Language and Culture Cordoba, Spain; Fez, Morocco; Rabat, Morocco; Sevilla, Spain; Tangiers, Morocco
Terms: Summer, Summer (Round 2) Description:     About Spanish Language and Culture: GO Spanish Language and Culture offers a unique opportunity to earn 5 credits while visiting 2 countries during 4 weeks and being exposed to multiple languages (Spanish, French, Arabic, Darij a,[...]
*GO SHORT - Travel Writing in South Africa Cape Town, South Africa; Eastern Cape Village, South Africa; Garden Route, South Africa; Johannesburg, South Africa
Terms: Summer Description:   Offered Summer 2018 May 22-June 12 Note: 16 spaces   About Travel Writing in South Africa: Stay in traditional mud hut villages, in the mountains or on a lush subtropical coastline.  Pay tribute to the village chief; [...]
GO LONG - *SU in Chester: University of Chester Chester, United Kingdom
Terms: Spring Description: About SU in Chester: SU in Chester is a SPRING ONLY program located at Chester University in Chester, England.  University of Chester is one of the oldest English higher education establishments of any kind, pre-dating all but Oxford, Cambridge ,[...]
GO LONG - *SU in China: The University of Macau (Exchange) Macau, China
Terms: Fall, Spring Description:   ABOUT SU IN CHINA Macau has a rich history of welcoming outsiders. Experience that blend of southern Chinese and Colonial Portuguese cultures when you study abroad here for a semester. You'll study at the University of Macau, on a br and-new[...]
GO LONG - *SU in Ireland: NUI Galway Galway, Ireland
Terms: Fall, Spring Description:   ABOUT SU IN IRELAND From beaches to the bustling city center to the surrounding countryside, Galway has no shortage of places to explore during your study abroad semester. Visit the Galway City Museum, trek through Connemara National park [...]
GO LONG - *SU in Japan: Senshu University (Exchange) Tokyo, Japan
Terms: Fall Description: ABOUT SU IN JAPAN The metropolitan hub of Tokyo is the perfect place for you to study abroad for a semester and learn about the business and culture of Japan. You'll study at Senshu University as part of the BCL (Business, Culture, and Langu age)[...]
GO LONG - *SU in Liverpool: Liverpool Hope University Liverpool, United Kingdom
Terms: Fall Description: ABOUT SU IN LIVERPOOL Imagine spending a semester studying abroad in the city that produced The Beatles! But even if you're not a music fan, Liverpool, England, has much to offer. With more than 50,000 students studying in Liverpool, [...]
GO LONG - *SU in London: Regent's University London, United Kingdom
Terms: Fall, Spring Description:   ABOUT SU IN LONDON One of the world's most dynamic international cities, London allows you to learn about many different cultures in a single study abroad experience. London is home to more than 800 art galleries, 180 museums an d[...]
GO LONG - *SU in Melbourne: La Trobe University Melbourne, Australia
Terms: Fall, Spring Description:   Courtesy of La Trobe University ABOUT SU IN MELBOURNE Experience life in Australia with a semester in Melbourne, considered Australia's cultural center and a city ranked among the top cities in which to live. Surround yourself wit h[...]
GO LONG - *SU in New Zealand: University of Waikato Hamilton, New Zealand
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: ABOUT SU IN NEW ZEALAND Experience a blend of New Zealand and indigenous cultures first-hand during your semester in Hamilton. Visit Maori religious sites near Hamilton or take in a performance at one of the city's three theaters. Jam to the sou nds[...]
GO LONG - *SU in Prague: Charles University Prague, Czech Republic
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: />   ABOUT SU IN PRAGUE Spend a semester studying in Prague, an inexpensive central European city that is an easy gateway to travel to the rest of the continent. You'll find culture at every corner - from art museums to national th eatres[...]
GO LONG - *SU in Scotland: University of Stirling Stirling, United Kingdom
Terms: Fall, Spring Description:   ABOUT SU IN SCOTLAND Stirling is one of the most beautiful places not just in Scotland, but the entire United Kingdom. Nestled between the flat Scottish Lowlands and the rugged slopes of the Highlands, Stirling is surrounded by awe-ins piring[...]
GO LONG - *SU in Washington, D.C. - Internship Semester (Does not automatically count for GO) Washington, D.C., United States
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: Photo provided by Elizabeth Goetsch ABOUT SU IN WASHINGTON, D.C. *Please note: this program can only count for GO if you successfully obtain an internship with an organization that meets the SU cross cultural learning goals.  Please s chedule[...]
GO LONG - *SU in the Mediterranean: University of Nicosia Nicosia, Cyprus
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: ABOUT SU IN THE MEDITERRANEAN With more than 300 days of sun a year, Cyprus is a great place to study abroad for a semester. You'll take classes at the University of Nicosia, located in the island nation's capital, where you'll exp erience[...]
GO LONG - *SU in the Netherlands: Maastricht University Maastricht, Netherlands
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: Where you'll study: Maastricht University Course sampling: Business, Political Science, History, Neuroscience, Biology and more Housing: Off-campus housing arranged through Maastricht University Costs: Normal Susquehanna tuition, with al l[...]
GO LONG - *SWSB London Program London, United Kingdom
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: ABOUT THE SWSB LONDON PROGRAM Imagine spending a semester living and studying in the heart of London with fellow students from the Sigmund Weis School of Business. You’ll solidify friendships, hone your critical thinking skills and disco ver[...]