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FAQ for Advisors

Who needs to GO?
All students must complete the GO requirement. GO is compiled of three parts and students must complete all three. This includes the Prep-to-GO course (semester prior to departure), Cross-Cultural Experience (time in another culture) and Global Citizenship/Reflection course (semester after return). Students must have their GO experience approved by the GO Office in order to be registered for the Prep-to-GO course, the first step in GO.
Where can students study away?

There are about 30 GO Short programs which occur during the summer and winter breaks. For semester options, we have 13 SU-in GO Long programs that are strategic university partnerships in addition to over 80 other approved programs. GO Your Own Way is during summer and winter breaks and is for the student to design the short-term program.
When can students study away?
Students are eligible for GO as second-semester sophomores. Transfer students can study away after their first semester.

What should students consider when selecting a program?
Classes. Cost. Goals. Language. Location. Length.
Will credits transfer from away back to Susquehanna?
Yes!  Study away credit is transferable with department approval. Students must complete a course approval form and have it signed by the academic advisor, the department chair and the college and this determines how the courses will transfer. The GO Office, student and Registrar’s office work together for this process.

Can students take major, minor, honors and/or central curriculum courses away?
Yes, students can take major, minor, and central curriculum courses away. Previously transferred credits are included in the “past SU majors/minors” advanced search parameter.
How does study away affect GPA?
Grades do not transfer back for GO Long programs except for the SWSB London program. The student must receive at least a C- in order for the credits to transfer.
If a student is planning to attend graduate programs, most graduate programs will factor in the grades obtained while away as part of the overall GPA.

What are the GPA requirements to study away?
Most GO Long programs require a 2.5, but some require a 3.0. GO Short programs require students to have a 2.0, one exception is Spanish Language and Culture which also requires a 3.0 Spanish GPA.

Can students use financial aid or scholarships while studying away?
Students receive the same aid package as at Susquehanna for GO Long programs. GO Short students may be eligible for a GO Grant that could cover a percentage of the program cost. GO Your Own Way students may also be eligible for the GO Grant, but this will cap at $2,000. Additional scholarships can be found on the scholarships section of our website.

How can advisors help?
Talk to your advisees early, especially freshman and sophomores, about studying away, so that students have time to plan and fit study away into their plan of study. A great question is “When are you planning to study away?”

What are the next steps?
Students should review all the resources on our website and sign up for an advising session with a peer advisor or the study away advisor online.